Executive Services

Applying Traffic Marking with Cold-Applied One-Component, Two-Component and Hot-melt Paints

  • Continuous, cut-off and extrusion axial marking
  • Marking transverse and speed reduction lines, pedestrian and zebra crossing
  • Drawing a variety of flash, text and traffic signs
  • Drawing a variety of zebra crossing, hachure, crossed boxes and specific surfaces
  • Drawing parking spaces, bus stops, taxi stands etc.


Applying Epoxy Mortar Coatings

  • Surface of bus stops, taxi stands etc.
  • Footbridges coatings
  • Transverse vibrating lines
  • Coating for sloped surfaces, warehouses, halls and in general, asphalt, metal and concrete surfaces
  • Bike lanes, crosswalks etc.
  • Beautifying public spaces including parks, terminals, swimming pools etc.

Applying Asphalt Speed Bumps

  • Arc and trapezoidal speed bumps
  • Applying epoxy mortar coating on speed bumps to increase resistance of asphalt against stress, high friction and color contrasts
  • Applying line marking on speed bumps and drawing warning signs before the speed bump

Applying Assorted Traffic Services

  • Paint sanding
  • Implementing reflectors (cat-eye, tiger-eye, etc.)
  • Installing raised pavement markers, delineator posts and rubber speed bumps

Applying Epoxy and Polyurethane Floor Coatings

  • Self-leveling epoxy floor coating
  • Garage epoxy floor coating
  • Anti-static epoxy floor coating
  • Anti dust epoxy floor coating
  • Antibacterial epoxy floor coating
  • Decorative epoxy floor coating
  • Mortar epoxy floor coating
  • 3D epoxy floor coating

Painting Specific Surfaces

  • Painting metal and concrete surfaces and structures using epoxy, water-base and industrial paints
  • Painting concrete curbing using air-dry curbing paints



اجرای انواع نقوش و علائم افقی ترافيكي- ماندگار

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    About Saba Shimi Arya

    For over a decade, Saba Shimi Aria has been strongly moving forward alongside the Iranian industry relying on its consistent quality and respect for the customers.By transforming into a scientific center for the Iranian paint industry, our company aims to provide an environment in which experts and educated staff can feel proud to be cooperating and collaborating in enormous projects.As our prospect, we attempt to preserve the resources and protect and promote human lives. To this end, Saba Shimi Aria Co. offers quality products in accordance with international standards, including MANDEGAR traffic paints used for organizing the urban and road traffic, SABA industrial paint used in protection of installations and national resources, PONTIA industrial and architectural coverings to help beautify and strengthening surfaces, and LETO architectural paints to beautify the urban buildings.


    4th Floor, #1402, Gholhak, Shariati St., Tehran – IRAN