About Saba Shimi Arya


Vision and Mission:

It is over two decade that we have taken steps in the paint industry relying on the sustainable quality and respecting the beneficiaries. We are determined to become a scientific pole in paint industry in Iran to provide an atmosphere where specialists and experts in this domain are proud of cooperating with Saba Shimi Arya.

We have set our vision based on the conservation and protection of lives and quality improvement. We have manufactured high quality traffic paint/road marking paint to organize urban and road traffic and for industrial paint to protect installations and factories and for architectural paint to beautify buildings.



Saba Shimi Arya (private equity) was established in 2004 by a group of graduates of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). It began producing various types of paints and polymers including different types of paints and industrial floor coatings.  Having experienced and knowledgeable staff, and having a history and experience in applying traffic, industrial and architectural paints are among strong points of the company.

We are working under the title of MANDEGAR in traffic paints in order to organize urban and road traffic, and, we have achieved an annual production of 40,000 tons of paint, 10,000 km hot-applied road marking paint, 20,000 km cold marking paint, and 500,000 m2 manual making. We work under the title of LETO for architectural paints to beautify and cover the indoor and outdoor surfaces of the buildings in order to make a more beautiful city, and we produce high-quality products with an annual capacity of 14,000 tons of assorted paints. In addition, we produce industrial paints under the title of SABA for all protective coverings and anti-corrosives in oil, gas and petrochemical industry, and in the production of industrial floor coatings to beautify the surfaces and to create more resistant cement surfaces in the factories and parkings and to facilitate cleaning of the hospitals, warehouses and food and medicinal production halls.



The production unit of Saba Shimi Arya provides noticeably great differences for the customers in terms of servicing and quality compared to the partner companies by having experienced and specialized staff. In addition, it could customize the products according to the quality and prices ordered by the customers to attract their attention.

Research and Laboratory

Continuous research and applied studies in the research department of Saba Shimi Arya have made the company to be always equipped with the latest technologies in paint and floor coating, and it even provides services for some partner companies.فصخ

    About Saba Shimi Arya

    For over a decade, Saba Shimi Aria has been strongly moving forward alongside the Iranian industry relying on its consistent quality and respect for the customers.By transforming into a scientific center for the Iranian paint industry, our company aims to provide an environment in which experts and educated staff can feel proud to be cooperating and collaborating in enormous projects.As our prospect, we attempt to preserve the resources and protect and promote human lives. To this end, Saba Shimi Aria Co. offers quality products in accordance with international standards, including MANDEGAR traffic paints used for organizing the urban and road traffic, SABA industrial paint used in protection of installations and national resources, PONTIA industrial and architectural coverings to help beautify and strengthening surfaces, and LETO architectural paints to beautify the urban buildings.


    4th Floor, #1402, Gholhak, Shariati St., Tehran – IRAN